Clear Vision Starts With Healthy Eyes

Dr. Diane Spada
Mother and her daughter ensuring healthy eyes with sunglasses

Healthy eyes are critical for your child’s overall development, and allow for clear and comfortable vision. It is known that the first 7-8 years of a child’s life are critical for eye development. Many vision problems and eye diseases can be detected and treated early before they become permanent with regular eye health examinations through your eye doctor. Among others, here are four things you should do to ensure your child’s eyes remain healthy:

  1. Schedule regular and frequent examinations to allow for early detection and treatment of any eye condition or disease;
  2. Wear UV protective sunglasses. When you are in the sun, sunglasses reduce the amount of UV rays reaching your child’s eyes. Think of it as ‘sunscreen’ for the eyes;Wear a wide-brimmed hat while outdoors, even if it is overcast as the damaging UV rays penetrate through clouds;
  3. “Eat your vegetables!” Provide your child with a nutritious diet rich in fruit and vegetables. In particular, dark green leafy vegetables ( such as spinach, kale, and broccoli ) and any other colorful vegetables ( such as red peppers, pumpkin, tomatoes ) will help combat many eye diseases and maintain good eye health early on;
  4. Wear safety sport glasses and helmets that have protection for the eyes and eye area. These are important when playing sports such as hockey, basketball, and baseball.

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