The Importance of Family- Water Filters for the Philippines

The VP Family

In December 2015 Typhoon Melor slowly swept across the Philippines, causing extensive flooding and extreme winds. The Philippine government declared a state of ‘natiofilterimagenal calamity’ with a death toll reaching over 42. According to the government’s situation report released over the Christmas holidays, over 279,000 homes were damaged by the typhoon and of that total 98,371 houses were totally destroyed. After the storms cleared and families were able to return home after being evacuated, they returned to ruined houses with no access to the basic necessities of life.

One of these homes is owned by a VisionPros employee, Mae. Her son and his family had to find temporary shelter in a neighboring town until the damage could be repaired. Even in the other towns, they did not have access to clean water. Clean water is essential to staying healthy and functional. Mae was heartbroken and felt helpless for her friends and extended family, but especially for her son and his family. For the month of March, Mae went home to help her family put their lives back together.

filters-image-1Lending Out a Helping Hand

As a family company when one of us is suffering, we all feel it. So when Mae asked for help for her sweet family, we knew exactly what to do. We (VisionPros) love the work we do through Eyes for the World and utilized our common contacts to donate 100 gravity-fed Sawyer water filters and buckets to the Pola, Oriental Mindero region of the Philippines. Through out the month of March, Mae worked with St. John the Baptist Parish to distribute the 100 water filters. Each person was trained on how to put it together, how to use it, and how to clean the water filter. About 50 water filters ended up in village halls, elementary schools, parish convents and health centers in 24 Barangays (villages).  Another 50 water filters went to households in more rural regions who do no have easy access to the water filters placed in common areas for the community to use. These water filters will remove a barrier and give one less cause of common ailments to thousands of people.

We are overjoyed with how many friends, family, and stranger’s lives Mae changed while she was homeland in the Philippines. Thank you Mae for all of your hard work and being a catalyst to give back to the community. VisionPros is proud to call you family.

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