Cooking Eye Safety

Person Chopping peppers

I spend a big chunk of my day in the kitchen. I didn’t know how dangerous food preparation could be for my eyes if I’m not careful. Just last week, I was reheating our left-over food when the steam shot straight up to my face. I felt the heat sting my eyes and the worse part was that I didn’t know what to do! My instinct made me  run to the sink to wash my eyes with cool water. Well, my eyes are fine now but it could have gotten worse, right? Cooking eye safety is important in every household!

I read about some of the most common eye injuries in the kitchen and learned tips on how to avoid them.

Have you considered the dangers of splatters from raw meat? Liquid or juice from raw meat especially chicken are carriers of bacteria.

Protective glasses made especially for seemingly harmless activities like cooking and doing house chores are highly recommended as there are dangers in almost all aspects of cooking: food preparation, oven and stove cooking and cleaning.

When practicing cooking eye safety, keep these potentially dangerous kitchen events on the top of your mind:

  • oil splatters
  • raw meat splatters
  • chemical splatters from cleaning the sink and counters
  • steam burns
  • eye contact with spices such as jalapeños and accidentally touching your eyes
  • oven/ microwave heat

Please learn from my horrid experience and avoid hurting your eyes in the kitchen.  If an irritant gets in your eye, the first thing to do is to flush it out with clean lukewarm water.  Let the tears flow. The risk for damage increases the longer the irritant stays in the eye.

Make it a habit to wash your hands especially after handling onions and spices. In case something hits the eye and causes pain or if changes in vision and bleeding happens, seek medical help as soon as you can. Glasses shield our eyes from irritants such as pepper oils and chemical cleansing liquids. Wearing safety glasses in the kitchen isn’t popular, but I’d rather look funny than lose my sight!

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