Contact Lenses and Sports

Dr. Diane Spada

From being a weekend warrior to a professional athlete, contact lenses can be beneficial in giving you that extra edge. Here’s a brief list of how contact lenses can help improve your performance: Contact lenses allow you to see objects in true size, without the optical magnification(for a far-sighted prescription) or minification (for a near-sighted […]

Halloween Safety – See & Be Seen

Dr. Diane Spada
Halloween Pumpkin In A Mystic Forest At Night

STAY SAFE WITH SOME OF THE FOLLOWING SUGGESTIONS Avoid pointy swords, knives and other costume accessories that can injure a child.  Fasten reflective tape to bags and costumes to allow drivers see your child from a distance. Examine all treats for choking hazards and tampering before allowing your child to eat them. Hold a flashlight […]

The Iris

Dr. Diane Spada
Close up of Iris of Female eye

Iris Color What color are your eyes? Are they a warm brown? Are they ice blue? Maybe they change with what you wear? The different colors of the iris are fascinating to me. I remember being pregnant with each of my children and wondering what color eyes each would have. My husband’s eyes are brown […]