Protecting Children’s Eyes

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Your Children’s Eyes

At home, we often remind the kids to properly brush their teeth and ears but I hate to admit that caring for their eyes is something we overlook. This may be one reason why medical studies show that nearly half of all eye injuries happen at home, with cases increasing each year. Terrifying stats, huh? Moms and Dads, there are things we can teach our kids to avoid the most common eye injuries as they become more active in sports and other eye-straining hobbies. Let’s talk about protecting children’s eyes.

Playing Nice

Small kids must be trained on how to safely handle sharp objects such as pencils, scissors, rulers, and rubber bands. Offer age-appropriate toys and avoid projectile toys such as bows and arrows, BB guns, and darts. These are a big no-no in our home and our little one is fine without them.

For gamer kiddos who are into video games, it’s easy to develop eye strain caused by factors such as too much exposure and lighting.

A soft room lighting helps to keep eyes from focusing harder on the monitor. Playing video games in a dark room makes the eyes work harder to focus on contrasting details.

Some first steps you can do is to adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the monitor and install an anti-glare filter to help relieve discomfort. Instruct kids to keep a safe 20 to 25 inches distance from the screen. These precautions also apply to kids who love to read.

When Pets Bite

Most cases of dog bites involving small kids result in injuries to children’s eyes. Take extra care when there are small kids and pets in the house.

Swimming Safely

Eye infections are on the rise as more people splish and splash during summer.  For kids engaged in swimming and other water sports, wearing watertight goggles keep microorganisms from entering the eyes. Goggles also defend your children’s eyes from high chlorine exposure.

For swimmers with contact lenses, they may forget to remove them before jumping to the water. Prescription goggles are recommended, if necessary.

Remind kids to rinse out their eyes as soon as they get out of the pool. A rare but serious eye complication called Acanthamoeba Keratitis is caused by the eye’s exposure to contaminated water such as in oceans, lakes, hot tubs and pools. This infection can lead to visual impairment and even blindness.

Eye injuries on kids happen mostly when they are on-the-move and engaged in sports.  It is good to note that more than 90 percent of all eye injuries are prevented through the use of protective eyewear. Special goggles made of durable polycarbonate are also highly-recommended for ball sports such as tennis, racquetball and hockey.

Eyes, eyes, baby

Isn’t it ironic that one of the most neglected parts of our bodies are the ones that need extra special care? The eyes may be the most hardworking pair of body organs since we use them 24/7 even as we sleep. Yes, our peepers remain active even when we shut them and we know that they work doubly harder when the surroundings get dark. Our ever-reliable eyes deserve all the TLC they can get!

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