SizeMySpecs – Shop Glasses Online With Confidence


SizeMySpecs – Shop Glasses Online with Confidence

I used to be hesitant to order glasses online.  I always worried that I couldn’t ensure that the glasses I ordered would fit my face properly. However, as I found myself looking online for a well priced pair of glasses for my mom, I came across VisionPros’ SizeMySpecs feature, and it has changed the game when it comes to ordering glasses online!

It’s comforting to know that some online shops go the extra mile to make sure customers get excellent service and product satisfaction. Such is the case with VisionPros, one of the leading authorized online retailers of brand name glasses and sunglasses.

I was thrilled to learn about their new online feature called SizeMySpecs, which allows customers to find the perfect fitting pair of glasses or sunglasses. My mom was very relieved to learn that she didn’t have to leave the comfort of her own home. True enough, her pair arrived on time and fit her perfectly!

4 Easy Steps!

Finding your perfect fitting pair of glasses is simple. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1) Visit and scroll to the bottom of the homepage and click on the SizeMySpecs banner, or visit the page directly.

Step 2) The SizeMySpecs welcome window will appear. Click “Add my measurements.”

Step 3) Enter the measurement numbers that you see on your current glasses. Hit “Submit”.

Step 4) You’re ready to go! Click “Done”.

It’s as Easy as That!

After clicking “done”, VisionPros will now only show glasses and sunglasses that fit YOUR face! You can now shop for your desired pair of glasses or sunglasses by using the appropriate filters. If at any time you want to edit or change your measurements, simply click “edit” by the SizeMySpecs toggle at the top left of the page.


Happy online shopping!

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  1. my current pair does not show the size on the inside of the frame

    1. Hey, Val! A quick, at-home measurement can be taken quite easily. To find the width of your glasses, you can simply measure your glasses from screw to screw (across your face). Your temple arm length can be found by measuring from the screw to the back of the arm, in a straight line. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-404-7317, or email us at, and we can help ensure you find your proper fit. We’re always happy to help!

      – Your VP Family

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