Tinted Sunglasses; More Than a Fashion Trend

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I am not really much of a fashionista as I like to keep things functional and simple. I mean, motherhood sometimes does that to a woman, right? But I have to admit that no other accessory boosts an outfit of the day’s oomph level like a pair of cool sunglasses. The perfect pair can turn any ordinary outfit to something fit for the runway.  It’s no wonder wearing a pair of sunglasses has become a staple for most people these days, and that includes most moms I know too. Tinted sunglasses are more than a fashion trend. 

Sunglasses now come in various shapes and sizes to fit everyone’s fashion taste, yet they serve more than just to prettify our look.

So, ever wonder what the differently tinted lenses are for? While we all know that the classic black lens remains to be a top favorite, other tints such as the hombre toned ones have also gained a following among the more adventurous ones. Yellow-tinted ones are even having a serious comeback in fashion circles this summer.

The thing is, other more striking features such as the frame’s shape and color are given more attention than the lens’ tint. I mean, who really cares what the lens’ tint is when the frame glows in the dark and is made of unbreakable plastic?

There is actually a more important reason we should consider when choosing tinted sunglasses lens colosr and it has a lot to do with protecting ourselves in various settings.

Tinted lenses, specifically the green-blue ones, were invented in the 18th century and believed by early eye doctors to improve vision and correct specific eye impairments.  These days, more tints have been developed to suit different people for different activities.

Here is a rundown on how to pick the proper lens color.

Tinted Sunglasses Lens Colors:


For those foggy water and snowy environments, blue tints provide great contrast and glare reduction from bright lighting conditions. The blues work great for tennis and golf players who spend hours under the sun.


This is the darkest tint recommended for outdoor activities like driving, jogging and sports like running, racing, or mountain biking. Gray lenses significantly reduce glare from the sun and are good for general purpose use.

Yellow and Amber

Yellow and amber lenses are the more versatile tints as they are great for both indoor and outdoor activities such as ball and snow sports. The science behind this is that they improve contrast and depth perception and filter out blue light which may be harmful to the eyes. Yellows and ambers are also great for those living in places with constantly changing weather.

Rose and Purple

Perhaps there is a bit of truth when they say that things are better when seen through rose-colored glasses. Rosey hues make surroundings look more vibrant. Rose and Purple lenses are perfect for water or forest activities, as it increases the sharpness of objects that are in green and blue environments.

These tips are great to remember the next time we’re out to shop for tinted sunglasses. It’s no longer a fashion must-have but also a protective gear for those special hobbies and activities. Now, sunglasses hoarders have a more valid reason to get another pair!

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